About Us



Our company was started in 1998 to specialize in European barge and river cruise products. We represent most of these European companies that sell these products. 
Europeanbarging is an ARC accredited company located in Spring Texas a suburban area north of Houston Texas.
Our office is in a ground floor suite in The Oakhurst Building at 25132 Oakhurst Suite 130 Spring Texas 77386.

Our products

We have products that include luxury barge and river cruises, casual bike and barge cruises and small ship cruising.

Our river cruises (from 3 - 21 days) include the Rhine, Mosel, Neckar, Elbe, Main-Danube in Germany, the Danube river running through central Europe through Germany, Austria, Hungary and Romania, the Seine, Bordeaux, and Rhone in France, the Po River in Italy, the Douro in Portugal and Guadalquivir in Spain.

Our barges are cruising almost all areas of France, including Burgundy, Chablis, Alsace, Loire, Provence, Canal du Midi and Bordeaux, as well as in Holland and Belgium, the Thames River in England, the Shannon River in Ireland, the Caledonia Canal in Scotland, Venice Lagoon in Italy and the Mosel in Germany

We can assist with air, rail tickets, pre and post hotel stays as well as excursions and private tours.


We visit Europe at least twice a year to sail on these vessels and inspect them thoroughly. We are in touch with the owners who keep us updated on events such as, water levels, weather and travel advisories etc., to make sure our clients have a good experience.

Contact information

Europeanbarging 25132 Oakhurst suite 130 Spring, Texas 77386
Telephone: 713-240-6753 fax 281-419-3920 Toll free 1-888-869-7907

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